Blog post day 3


Day 3 we finished out last project dives. We went too bronco billy and my favorite spot the chimney too find the relationship between coral and algae. We got too see some great fish as well and we got too see a moray eel. Being underwater with all the fish and wildlife is completely breath taking and makes you will aware of how much is under the water that most people don’t get too see and don’t even realize. The movie that we watched was amazing in the fact that all of this coral may be gone in the next couple of years due to the increase of temperature and conditions in the ocean. It’s crazy too think that my kids may never be able to too see the beauty of under the ocean because of change doesn’t happen it will all be gone. After seeing that movie it changes the way I view everything under water and makes me appreciate it much more. It can’t way for turtle tagging tomorrow and to do our last dive of the week at the ship wreck.