Day three


The morning started off with an alarm on my iPhone of Apple’s “night owl” ringtone at 7:20. Immediately afterwards, I hopped out of my bed and got dressed for a diving. Today, lime house was in charge of breakfast. I did not eat very much, however, because of yesterday’s sea sickness. After breakfast, we went down and took a trip to the dock with Glen. We then took the boat a short distance to the first dive site, a site that was familiar to us; the famous chimney. At this dive site, we spent around fifteen minutes finding our selection of the reef. When we came upon a portion partially covered by algae. We then observed and recorded our observations. This dive site provided us with the data to qualify a location that had about 50% algae coverage and a poorer health reef. Our dive instructor Becca taught me on this dive the specific algae I was looking at which was the flat branching algae and branching Y alagae. Furthermore, I saw some moray eels, parrotfish, grouper, and some beautiful vocals however some bleached. After the dive, we boarded and got going. We took the boat another short distance to the second dive site, bronco Billy! Bronco billy is named because of the bronco shaped horse rock and the feeling one may get navigating their boat through the strong currents. At this dive site, we went down about ten feet and found a nice section of coral with algae on it. Our team observed the portion of the reef and wrote down our innings. On this dive, there was a great amount of bleached coral, specifically elk horn. This dive was crucial to our experiment because it was the last dive for our project and it provided a reef that was semi covered in algae and of better health. On this dive, I was able to see some spotted lobster, rainbow parrotfish, and some lively shrimp. By this point, we were done with all of the experimenting and were able to see the trend in our study. As reef health increases algae coverage decreases. After that dive, we got back on the boat and cleaned up as we went back for lunch at the dock. After lunch, we went back to our room to rest for beach games! These games were exhausting and painful! However we tied for second place! They consisted of endurance runs and swims, sand pictionary, relays, and sand burials. From this, I learned that the best way to get through and conquer is as a team. After the beach games we had a grill out for dinner with music and light provided by candle lit totems. After dinner, the group went for a night snorkel, however, I did not join because after all of the horror movies, I am terrified of the unknown waters, of what is beneath. Today I learned that algae weakens the reef and that sunscreen is a necessary when at the ocean! Tomorrow I hope to catch a turtle on our tagging dives!