2nd day in the BVI


Woke up around 5 a.m. to a blistering hot room. Got up and cleaned for our cabin for the breakfast we were going to serve at 7:45. Totally didn’t wait for any chaperones and didn’t say a prayer before we ate so oops. Got on the boat around 9 and went to a very wavy dive site. My first time in the ocean was yesterday so I definitely didn’t know what hit me when I started to get nauseous and my head started to hurt. Went snorkeling with doc and Bramlich for about 45 minutes and tried to stay on the boat for a little longer but my body couldn’t take it. Let’s just say my breakfast didn’t make it to my lunch. During our first dive we went to the ginger steps which were pretty shallow so I got to see a lot. Had to battle the waves so I was exhausted and kept thinking the boat was getting further rather than closer on my way back. Our second dive was the ginger back side and that was way more calm. My control of my breathing got much better and I have learned how to move without wasting a lot of energy and dive down deeper and see what the scuba dives are seeing. We went on a hike through the baths that was meant for everyone over 5’8″. I’m 6’4″ so that was definitely a problem. However, those rocks and how they formed were very beautiful. Gas bubbles and other factors have caused them to look like they had been carved by an artist. We then went on a mile snorkel to the beach and went up for dinner. Tonight we watched catching coral which is a documentary detailing the danger our earths coral is in. It was very effective at least for me in raising awareness and showing the impact the devestation of coral could eventually have on the earth. We ended the night discussing what we learned from the video and I felt the underclass men began to come out of their shells and start to share more which is important. Tomorrow the seniors will be holding our own discussion and I look forward to that and seeing more types of fish tomorrow.