Day 3


We began our day with our project dives. Sam, Caleb and I observed cleaning stations to determine how often parrot fish visit the stations compared to other fish species.  We predicted that they would visit the stations less often because a bubble of mucus it creates around its self at night, which prevents parasites from getting to them. After eating lunch we went back to our houses to relax before we went on our tour of the baths. The baths are a collection of gigantic bolders that creat a chain of caves  with pools of water between them. During the 1800’s European slave traders and owners would have the slaves bathe there. There is a famous area in the Baths known as the chapel because of the way the ligh reflects on the walls. We ended our tour with a one mile snorkeling back to our beach. We soon had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread for dinner and went back to the beach to relax and play with frisbees. Later we watched the movie chasing coral, which shows the dramatic effects of global warming on our reefs and highlights the consequences if we continue to ignore the problem.