Settling in….


Now that I’m finally feeling settled in, i feel much more comfortable diving, especially when diving with sharks, yes, you read that correctly, sharks, reef sharks more specifically, while we were diving, we were doing our experiment and BAM! 2 reef sharks began circling the dive site, and I kept my calm… for the most part, I remember at one point in the dive when a shark immediately began swimming towards my leg, at quite a fast speed, and I thought “oh dear god this is it, there’s so much I haven’t done with my life” but then the shark turned around and went about its own business. Nature sure is weird huh . After that, I ate lunch, and then we went on a hike towards the baths, a gorgeous natural formation of rocks which creates caves and cliffs everywhere, and then after exploring that area, we went on a mile long snorkel, which might I add, was EXHAUSTING by the end of it, I wanted to lay down anywhere, even if it was on a rock. But then we returned to the resort to eat a hearty meal of spaghetti, and we then returned to the resort to watch a film about the death of corals and what we can do to stop it