Blog post 2


I think that today was a incredible day… our first project dive we got absolutely nothing done due to the fact that we saw 3 reef sharks swimming around us the whole time and our eyes were completely attracted to them and in shook at too how close they would get up to our face without being scared in the slightest. Ginger steps ties with the chimney for my favorite dive so far because of the fact that the cave we slithered into was very intrigueing and fun to maneuver with. Seeing sharks made today very interesting and was so special to see a apex predator up close and just swimming down like they owned the reef. Our second dive was very successful and we were able to get some good data while we saw a lot of fish and saw a lot of other great stuff. We went to the baths lastly and were able too see all the great rock formations and see all the clear water in the rocks. I think that today trumped the first day and I am looking forward too the next.