Day (s) 1 & 2 Blog


Woke up bright and early on Friday, 4 A.M to be specific and headed over to the airport, where we met up with the guys and went through security and hopped on the flight. Nothing special besides playing hacky sack and Heads Up during our 6 hour layover. After what seemed a boring day the dive staff found a way to liven up our moods and took on us a 20 minute boat ride to Virgin Gorda. As Tortola slowly faded into into the night the lights all became a blur, and we made it to Virgin Gorda. After some pizza and a brief meeting we went to our cabins and hit the hay. Today on the other hand was something special. My roommate and I set our alarm clock for 6:45 in hopes of getting to breakfast at 7:15. Lacking the knowledge our alarm clock was 6 minutes behind we decided to head off for breakfast at 7:10. It’s okay though nobody noticed and I went on to eat cold honey buns and some Apple Jacks. After getting to boat and prepping for the dive, we had a quick briefing meeting and went on our way to the location. The first site we went to was called Bronco Billy, and at first it wasn’t anything special, just some sand. Once we finished our skills that’s when everything changed, we swam only 20 ft over and saw all the coral and the sea life that was hidden under the water. Later that day we went to the second location called the chimney. We saw an immense amount of sea life such as spiny lobsters which were the size of a football, hanging crabs as well as fish such as the 4 eyed butterfly fish, and the queen parrotfish. Finishing the dive we swam through the chimney and went around the rocks covered in coral. After both the dives we ate lunch and headed we came back to the commissary and started our blogs, and talked about our projects with the scuba instructors. Finishing the meetings we went to church on a hill and saw a view over the island. Coming back from church we blogged some more and hit the beach, which ended up with plenty of wet clothes. After clothes we ended up back in the commissary playing Apples to Apples laughing at dumb cards we played.