Day 1/2


Day one began with the entire group meeting at DFW Airport at 5:00 a.m and say our good buys to our parents. We preceded to go through security and board the plane around 7:00 a.m. After about four hours of watching movies on the plane we landed in Puerto Rico.  We had a six hour layover until we took a small twin propeller plane to the BVI. Once we where through customs we took one of the diving boats to Gorda Island. On the island we met our dive instructors and eat pizza. Everyone was exhausted from the day of traveling and went to bed soon after.

We began day two at 7:15 with breakfast at the teachers house. After breakfast we went directly to the dive boats with all of our equipment. We took our first checkout dive in a small patch of corals, northing really noteworthy. Our next exploration dive took us through one of Jock Cousteau’s favorite dive sights where we saw an abundance of coral and fish, all diffrent colors shapes and sizes. At one point we were swimming between two massive stretches of rocks that created a sort of valley of coral.  This was easily the coolest part of the dive as it had the most to see, including a reef shark.  We packed up all of our equipment we eat sandwiches chips and cookies next to the dock. At home we showered and went to the internet room to plan our project dives with our instructors, we had a lot of time after and used it to look at social media, talk to family and friends and just relax. At around 5:30 we attend a brief mass at the top of the island. We came back eat lasagna and garlic bread. Everyone headed to the beach where we messed around in the water. We ended our day in the internet room writing our blogs and playing cards and board games.