First Day


Hi, my name is Nelson Brown and today was my first day at the British Virgin Islands. Today was a long, but fun filled first day at Guava. We started the day at 7:15 with a solid breakfast prepared by our teachers to give us the energy that we needed for this action packed day. Once we were protein packed and ready to go, we got the ball rolling with a trip to the boat that would take us on our first dive. I boarded the sea monkey and prepared myself for our journey into the deep. Charlie, Robby, and I began our first dive at George Dog Island feeling prepared and we surprisingly were even though it had been a while since we had gone diving. We smoothly went through our review dive where we saw many different fish such as Groupers, Sergeant Majors, Parrot fish, and Four Eyed Butterflyfish. After this dive, we decided it was smart to jump off of the second deck of the boat into the water at the second dive site while we waited through our recovery time. Once we had finished acting as our normal dumb teenage selves, we prepared ourselves for the second dive on the biggest of the dog islands, the Great Dog Island. While we saw many fish on our review dive, we saw many more organisms on our second dive. These included Lobsters, Crabs that were hanging from the ceiling of the chimney, Goatfish, and a Queen Angelfish. Once we got back to the boat we were all in shock of the beauty of the underwater paradise for fish that we had just had the blessing of visiting. As we rode to the shore I looked back on our time underwater and decided that this is gonna be a great trip.