Captain’s Log 001: June 15, 2017


After waking up to the sounds of roosters and eating a hardy breakfast, my friends and the crew of the Sea Dragon set out to our first dive site, George Dog Island. Our instructors began our trip with a quick warmup and introduction dive in order for all of us to become acquainted with our surroundings and gear. We assembled our gear and took our first brave jump into the warm Caribbean waters. Group by group, we sank down to the sea floor, practiced our skills, and took a short swim.Immediately after exiting the water and boarding the boat, we traveled to another island to dive. With permission myself and many others dove off the top of the Sea Dragon. Our captain briefed us on our “Chimney Dive” in which we were to swim through a narrow passage between rocks and coral. Here we would see crabs, lobsters, and larger fish. My group’s instructor guided us through an incredible tour of the “Chimney” and introduced us to many different types of fish and crab. Some groups shared their own stories of spotting a nurse shark and a couple of squids. The dive gave us some unbelievable views and memories, making it a once in a lifetime experience offered by the Dive BVI staff. Our entire class thanked the group for the amazing introduction to the rest of our week while traveling back to Spanish Town. After returning to the resort, my group discussed our research for the rest of the week. To end our first day, we took part in Mass at the top of a hill and spent time at the beach. Although the first day is over, we still have many more adventures and memories to make in the coming days.