Hectic first days


Usually the first days of a trip are expected to be hectic and full of things to do, but I mean….. wow, these first two days have been extremely hectic, I woke up at 4:30, and went to the airport to eat a hearty breakfast of pretzel bites and coke, and then boarded a plane to be met with a very minor severe inconvenience, my bag was supposedly “too big” for a carry on and that I had to check it, a silver lining was that it was checked for free, anyway, we landed at San Juan only to be greeted with absurdly expensive fried chicken and a 5 hour layover, but luckily I was able to entertain as a group with Mario Kart, and who doesn’t like Mario Kart? We then boarded the plane, and landed in Tortola and boarded the boat to Virgin Gorda and then we eventually arrived at guavaberry, and then I promptly fell asleep fully clothed, shoes and all. The next morning, I woke up, and ate breakfast at the teacher’s cabin, and then we boarded the diving boats and embarked upon our great journey, we did a simple skills dive, which resulted in burning eyes. Then we went on an exploration dive, in which I saw so many cool fish, like parrotfish, squirrelfish, and other, more dangerous things such as nurse sharks and stingrays, we then ascended and ate lunch, and came back to the commissary, which I then used the time to call my parents, discuss the project, and browse reddit, afterwards, we went to mass, ate dinner, and went to the beach, after that I realized it’s time to write my blog, so I’m currently doing just that