First Day


Today was the first day of our marine biology trip after a long day of traveling yesterday. First we got up bright and early and ate a quick breakfast and went down to the cattle bridge for Glen to pick us up and go to our assigned boats. And we went to our first dive site with me not diving along with 2 other people we went snorkeling seeing not too many fish on the first site but did see some blue parrotfish along with other cleaner fish in the reef areas with doc seeing two squid I did not catch a glimpse of. Then about 10 minutes off of that site was our second site for the day which was my favorite and really breathtaking at some spots. there was tons of parrotfish and wrass and we saw a school of squid and a butterfly fish which doc pointed out. My favorite part of the site was where we swam in between the 2 rocks on the side of us. Then we came back and had lunch and discussed our project with our boat leaders and went to church and had dinner. Also at the meeting my group had with our boat instructors we concluded that our Habitats that we will be studying will be 10×10 and that we will record the footage of our site for 10 minutes with me counting the fish from the top and Robbie and Nelson from the side.