Day 1


The day started at 6:45 So we could get ready for breakfast at 7:15. From breakfast we went down to the docks where we met the dive staff that would take us to the dive site.  For the first dive at bronco billy we went over the basic skills in order to make sure we knew what we were doing. Diving in the ocean was definitely a different experience than the lake mostly because clearing the mask was more difficult due to the salt water. After going over the basic skills we went on an exploration dive and saw a sea cucumber which the dive leader said was disgusting to eat. When we got back to the boat the dive leaders allowed us some free time to swim around the boat. After that we went to the second dive site called chimney. During that dive we saw many different fish and we even saw a nurse shark. From there we went back to the island and had lunch which consisted of pink lemonade, sandwiches, cookies, and chips. After lunch we went home and cleaned up for mass at 5:30. Before mass we met with the dive leaders who helped us with making our research projects more specific. Then we went to mass. After mass we had a lasagna dinner which was definitely one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever had. After dinner we went to the beach and walked around so we knew where it was.