Day 1


Today was the first day of diving in the BVI after a whole day of flying and playing hacky sack. Arriving at San Juan, I choked down some pizza and went to sleep amongst the constant fear of bugs crawling on my face. The next day, I woke up four minutes before we needed to show up in front of the teachers, so I yelled at my cabin mate to wake up and we proceeded to sprint to the teacher’s cabin. After a fast breakfast, we went down to the sea for our first dive of the week. The ocean was a crystal clear turquoise that let us see at least 40 ft any direction underneath. We dove at Bronco Billing for the very first dive of the week. During the dive, I saw a stingray chilling in the sea grass as we swam by. The second part of the dive had tons of coral in it which contained many different species of fish that I have never seen before. After surfacing, our group jumped off the second level of the boat, each performing his own specialty jump as he fell. Our next dive was at Dogs Island and had us squeezing through tight spaces filled with coral and a plethora of fish. I saw a spiny lobster that was bigger than me, a group the size of a turkey, and plenty of other fish, each as colorful as the last. I experienced the diversity of the ocean first hand through the two dives I had today. Tomorrow, I expect to have a challenging time setting up my project, but ultimately hope to have as much of a good time as I did today.