Blog Day 1 (7/15/17)


Today we went on two separate dives, both of which were incredibly fun. In between dives, we got to hang out on the boat and I asked the Captain where we would be allowed to jump off the boat and he said we could jump off the top and to the side so I went up to the top and jumped off. After that, basically everyone else on the boat did it also. I learned a lot of new animals and saw some really cool fish like a rainbow parrotfish. 

One of the coolest parts of today was when I was swimming and I saw a carabiner on the ocean floor. I picked it up and it had a little plastic card attached to it for fish identification, which helped me identify any fish we swam by later. 

Tomorrow we hope to finish our project with the help of our dive master Becca. We ate good lasagna and garlic bread. Also we went to a mass on top of a mountaintop that had a great homily for us. We dove to about 45 feet at the deepest and went to two different locations, one being Dog Island and the other Bronco Billy. My dive group consisted of Peter, Keagan, Nicky, and Fletcher. Tomorrow we hope to find 2 good spots to gather research from.