BVI Blog 6 Luke Lewis 


To begin this blog I will start with our night snorkel ! Us boys and the teachers along with Becca and Casey grabbed our fins and snorkels for our last swim in the BVI! We set out at our hotel beach for a night snorkel in pitch black with only a few underwater flashlights. Right when we entered the water we observed that the ocean life was still very active even at night. We saw Tarpon, Squid, parrot fish and even bioluminescent phytoplankton. The next day was our last full day in the BVI, we all gathered at Soldier Bay and to pick up trash for our service project. I picked up three bags full of garbage. The contents ranged from tires to shoes to bottles to pretty much the most random things. After our service project it was time to present our Marine Biology project that we had been working on all week. My group and I went over our presentation a few times before it was out turn. Once we presented I believe that the staff really liked our project and I was told that Casey even might have shed a tear ! It was beautiful. Feeling the accomplishment of finally finishing the project after all this time made me content and happy. Once everyone presented we all went to go eat one last meal in Virgin Gorda at the restaurant above the baths !!! I sat next to Mrs. Bramlet , Anthony and Joe. After our lovely meal, Casey played a video that summarized our time in the BVI and it was amazing and full of memories. Once the video ended, we all were touched with emotion and sadness that our short time here must come to and end. I personally hugged and thanked the dive masters and I was so sad to know I would be leaving them. This was an amazing experience like no other and I am so grateful to have been apart of this team. Thank you Dive BVI for this amazing experience and for your time. I will remember this trip forever ! Thank you so much and love you all !! 
– Luke Lewis-