Day 6. July 17


Breakfast was moved from 7:15 to 7:30 which gave me an extra 15 minutes to sleep. After breakfast we want to do our community service at the water plant. The beach behind the water plant has collected an obscure amount of trash so we tried our best to pick up as much as possible. During the project I walked up the beach with Barrett trying to find bulk trash that was too big for the trash bags. We found a giant net covered in seaweed and connected to other ropes. When we got back from our excursion up the beach, the group of kids that I was with had a long patriotic conversation about how great America was. After the project we went to the Yacht Club for lunch. But before we had lunch we explored the Dive BVI gift shop, I discovered that the most expensive BCD in the store was $789 and that the second stage pieces cost a whopping $829. Once we were done foraging through the store, I had a tasty crab and shrimp wrap. After lunch we had to present our project to all the diving instructors, Doc, Miss Matthews and Mr. Von. I though it was going to be scary presenting but it went smoothly and Ben really helped us out with our project. After we presented my group and I went down to the beach and played ultimate frisbe. After we said goodbye to the beach for the last time we had a buffet waiting for us up at the Top of the Baths. I had filled my plates with everything that there was too offer. I will happily finish my blog with saying I am going to bed with a full stomach.