Day Six


Kicking off my last blog with last night, we finished day five we a night snorkel down at Guavaberry’s beach. I partnered up with Barrett, and, with bright waterproof flashlights, we scanned the ocean floor finding a surprisingly few amount of aquatic life. Yet, we did see a giant lobster, a camouflaged octopus, and a few squid. However, my favorite part of the dive was when the dive instructors told everyone “lights out” and to flail our limbs around in the water. Once done correctly and if the water is pitch black, hundreds of bioluminescent phytoplankton were clearly visible in the water surrounding my body. Tired from the night snorkel, everyone went back to their individual cabins to shower and to go to bed, tomorrow would be our last day. Since we were not diving today, we were granted a extra 15 minutes of sleep; however, Chapo, the rooster from my second post, had different plans. Chapo decided to wake up my whole cabin at 6:05. After a quick breakfast at the Jasmine cabin, we travelled to the island’s water treatment plant for our service project, cleaning up the beach. We worked “diligently” for a little more than two hours, seeing all sorts of random garbage. We then returned to the main docks for some souvenir shopping and our last lunch on Virga Gorde. The 50$ from Lime House’s epic victory over Plum was quite handy when shopping in the dive shop. Once we were back at the cabins, we quickly showered and started our last minute preparations for our presentation later today. Every group was presenting their research to the dive staff and teachers. We presented our final data and explained how it supported our initial hypothesis. I thought the presentation went great and Doc even complimented us afterwards. After my group finished our presentation, we all went down to Guavaberry’s beach and threw the frisbee, waiting patiently for dinner. For our final dinner, we feasted at the Top of the Baths. We were provided, graciously by Casey, a buffet of chicken, fish, vegetables, plantains, rice, and delicious desserts. We dined and discussed hilarious memories from the Sea Dragon boat. Casey made a video of the entire trip, but sadly her computer crash and lost the video. So instead, we clicked through a slide show of the last three days. Then we all thanked her and the Dive BVI staff for their willingness to help us have the best possible week. Photos were soon to follow, later evolving into a chant competition between the two dive boats, Sea Dragon and Sea Monkey. We then said our farewells to the wonderful dive staff, and now, we are currently sitting in our cabins, reflecting on all the memorable experiences we just made. Thank you for this opportunity.