Day 7


We were able to sleep in for another 15 min today because service wasn’t until 8:30. It may not sound like much but it made a difference. We then ate at the seniors cabin which had a lot of hens and chicks bellow their porch so when crumbs would fall off the porch their would be savage chicks running over each other for them. This was a normal start to the day but today was different as a whole. We arrived at the desalinization plant which is the place the whole island depends on for water. Desalinization is a process in which they take the salt it of the water to make it into the tap water. The beach in front was littered by trash brought in by the crashing waves. We found anything from toothbrushes and bottle caps to crashed automobiles. This was a humbling experience and it felt good giving back to the island that has given so much to us. We went into full project mode on our way back to guava because from 2-4 we had to present. We threw in some last minute pictures and facts on to the power point. The anticipation of who we be next to present was nibbling on our brains. We were the third group to go and when we walked in the room I could see everyone’s eyes like preying hyenas waiting to find a weak spot in our pack. We stuck together on every point and only suffered minor injuries because of one devastating typo. In the end we were relieved and felt confident in our performance. With the burden of presenting off of our backs we were able to have some fun one the beach playing wiffle ball which was more like cricket. We also attempted to start a game of ultimate frisbee but that ended shortly after it started because of the heat beating us into submission where retreating to the water was our only option. Our last day on the beach was rapped up shortly after our refreshing swim in the water. We then took a quick trip up to the cabin for a shower before meeting at the cattle guard which was then followed by a short breezy walk up to the restaurant named On Top of the Baths over looking the Caribbean waters of the British Virgin Islands. We were treated to an outstanding buffet that included rice, coleslaw, mac n cheese, veggies, fried fish, chicken, and barbecue ribs. After the main course key lime pie followed behind. We then said our final goodbyes to all of the dive staff and watched a short slideshow of pictures with an elaborate video promised to follow by Casey. We topped of the night with a strong Sea Monkey chant and a group picture.
Last but not least I am looking foreword to the Air Conditioning back in Dallas.