BVI- Day 6


Today’s Events
Today we woke up early to finish out project early, unfortunately we did not finish then and used some time later to finish. We worked for about an hour on our projects and then headed over to the jasmine cabin for the last breakfast. While we were about to eat doc brought up a box of donuts that were huge. We ate then headed back to our cabins to prepare for the day. We put on clothes and went to a clean up site on the beach. We spent the next hour and a half picking up trash as a service project. We picked up the trash that had been washed up on the beach and we filled up many trash bags that we then threw in Jeff’s truck and he drove it off and disposed of it. We filled up two full truck beds full of trash and there was still trash left on the beach. Then we went over to the dive BVI shop and were allowed to shop for about thirty minutes where I used all of my fifty dollars of credit that we won in the cabin olympics on a shirt a hat and a postcard. Then we walked over to the restaurant by the docks and I had a burger and fries with a coke. Then we came up to the cabins and my group finished our project and went down to the wifi room to wait for our turn on the presentation. We waited for about two hours outside of the room because we were the last group to present. When we presented our project it went pretty well and we answered questions fielded by the group project leaders. Then we had a bit of free time on the beach and walked to dinner at a restaurant on top of the baths and ate a really good meal. After dessert Casey gave a speech and showed some slide shows. We said our goodbyes and walked home to the cabins and packed.
What I learned 

I learned about the bay that has the water treatment plant on it and how it has all of the winds from the ocean coming to it so it is the host to all of the trash that is dumped by the boats that pass the island. Also that the treatment plant provides jobs to many people on the island.
What I am looking forward to

I am really looking forward to going back to Dallas and seeing my family at home.