Day Six


Our last morning here in the BVIs started off nicely. For breakfast we had some abnormally large donuts. Because our flight leaves Monday morning we could not dive for safety issues, so instead we did a beach clean up to help the island. During our clean up I learned how dirty we humans are. Henry and I removed several large pieces of trash including a large section of a boat, some tires, pvc pipes, and a pvc pipe filled with concrete. Once we were done with the clean up we headed to Spanish Town to eat lunch in the harbor. During our stop we were able to do a little shopping. Once back at Guavaberry our group quickly finished up our project. We all thankfully had enough money on us to pay our tabs, with no one having to work off there debt. After paying we were all called in for our group presentation that was also our final. Our group did a fantastic job of presenting. I think our group learned the lesson of always making sure that when you proof read something, that you read it out loud. One we were done with the hardest and most grueling presentation, we headed back to our cabin to pack and relax. For dinner we made the quick hike to the top of the island to a restaurant called Over the Baths. The restaurant had an amazing ambiance with stunning views. We had a nice dinner, but the Casey’s cooking is still the best. Casey had prepared a lovely slide show for us, with sea money having the best photos in it.