Day 6 BVI 2016


Getting out of bed this morning, a horrifying thought occurred to me. This was actually the last day of being in the BVIs. Wow! This trip went by unbelievably fast! I eventually had to stop thinking and immediately get to work since our cabin was making breakfast. Breakfast went very well since Doc brought massive donuts to commemorate our last breakfast. We then went to a beach in front of the BVI water plant to clean up trash. A lot of the trash came from these large cruise ships who would pass by. The trash would then wash up on shore. We worked very diligently and picked up a large amount of trash. It was a very rewarding activity and a large part of being a Jesuit student. After a few hours I went to the Mariana for lunch and bought a map of the BVIs to take home. We then presented our project presentation which went extremely well. Fortunately, unlike last year, I knew that coral was an animal, not a plant. We then had a few hours at the beach where we played whiffle ball. For dinner, we went to the restaurant on top of the Baths where I had some savory Mahi Mahi. We then said our final goodbyes to the BVI staff which was extremely emotional. Saying “thank you” to the BVI staff is simply not enough. They devoted an enormous time in order for us to have a fun and educational trip of a lifetime. While I am sad that I won’t be back again next year, all the laughs, adventures, life lessons, and even the daily “roasts” will all be valuable memories that I will never forget. Thanks to all who made this spectacular trip possible! I wish the current Marine Bio One guys good luck and advise them to definitely return next year! This is Clay Walters officially finishing his last marine bio blog and signing off 🙂