BVI 2016: Day 6


Today was a bitter sweet day. We had our very last day in the BVI. We started out our day with service. Usually I kind of try not to think about this day cause of all the hard work that comes with it. Spending time picking up trash and smelling weird smells in the heat isn’t something I enjoy doing. But after hearing Casey’s speech about how important cleaning up this beach was because it supplies most of the islands fresh water. Knowing that we were serving and helping the thousands of residents that live on the island really helped lift my spirits. It’s not the act of service that important it’s the knowing that somebody’s life will be better because you chose to spend your time to serve their community. This really put a lot in perspective for me. As a Jesuit student, it made me take pride in what Jesuit is. I really realized that notion of “men for others” taking the opportunity to serve others for the betterment of others and not just yourself. Although it was hard work, it was the most fulfilling activity we had on this trip. From now on I’ll be more mindful in cautious of the environment because it not only affects the earth but the livelihood of communities all over the world. After our service, we headed to the Dive BVI store to buy some souvenirs. After that we had lunch. The rest of the day we spend in preparation for our presentation for our projects. My group went first and we did well. I was very confident in our performance and thought we did our very best. After presentations we headed for our final dinner and said our final goodbyes to the dive BVI staff. These pass two years being in this program have been extremely valuable and impactful for me. Not only traveling to another country but having the opportunity to meet and get to know people from all over the world has left me with a new perspective on life and the world. The world is really big. And theirs a lot of people in it. People from all walks of life, in all corners of the world, with different experiences, aspirations, and dreams. Before this trip I didn’t really have the goal to travel and see all of what the world had to offer. Now knowing how much life there is to live an people to meet, I can’t wait to seek out new experiences, possibly ones similar those in the BVI that I will now cherish forever. This experience has been so rewarding and it will be one that I will never forget.