Final Day-Henry Droese


It’s come to it, the final full day in the BVI. We began by waking up about fifteen minutes later than usual and setting up our cabin for breakfast. Along with the normal array of breakfast foods, we had the same massive donuts that we got last year on the final day. Afterwards, we went to a beach next to the desalination plant to clean up as our community service project. Interestingly enough, and something I never knew, is that GE supplies a large amount of the desalination utilities and equipment. During the cleaning we found a section of a boat, tons of rope and netting, enough plastic bottlecaps to supply an army, and even an intact halogen tube light. It was a pretty fun experience, but kinda sad to see that even with around 25 trash bags filled, only a marginal dent was made to the beach. After this, we went back to the harbor to shop for a little while before lunch and to just enjoy our last day. Once we had lunch, it was back to the hotel to wash up and get ready for group project presentations. Name and I didn’t have any work to finish up with our presentation other than a brief overview of what each of us would be saying, so it was nice to relax by the wifi room for a while during other presentations. However, we kept getting pushed back in the queue of groups to the point where we were second to last, so we had to wait for around an hour and a half in order to present our project. After finally presenting, we headed to the beach for a good half hour of swimming before dinner.

Dinner was at the top of the baths, where we had a buffet of delectable foods and talked about the trip. We didn’t see the elaborate video from last year due to hard drive errors on Casey’s computer, but we were promised it in the future once the video is retrieved.

As my last 12ish hours in the BVI come to a close, I’m delighted to say that choosing to go on this trip a second time was a great decision. Even though some of the dives were the same, every experience I had was unique and even better than last year. I’d like to thank all the Dive BVI staff, even the people on Sea Dragon that I never got to really know and those in the background that I never met, for a great experience during the week we were here. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I’m sure I’ll make it to the BVI some time in my life because the experience is unparalleled. Thanks for everything!