Blog 6


This morning was both good and bad, good because we got an extra 15 minutes of sleep but bad because it was our last day here in the British Virgin Islands. Jasmine cabin hosted an unique breakfast of giant donuts and cereal, I ate inside the cabin and got some tea. After breakfast Glen picked us up in the usual spot and took us to the site for our community service project, the beach besides the island’s water distillation plant. Tons of trash washes up on that beach because it is on the side of the island where the wind always blows, this is significant because it means trash from ships and other islands blows there year round. Everything from flip flops to PVC pipes to rope from ships washed up there on the beach. There was this giant rope buried in seaweed that Clay, Trip, Logan, and I struggled to get out and haul it to the trash pile. We spent a few hours picking up the trash and putting it in garbage bags, at the end of the service we had collectively filled around 35 trash bags. After the service project we all were driven back to the yacht club and shopped at the dive BVI store before eating lunch at their restaurant. I bought a Virgin Gorda hat and a map of all of the islands here. Glen drove us back to Guavaberry when lunch was over and everyone showered after picking up trash all morning. We had to meet back down at the wifi lounge to prepare for an hour our project presentations. My group finished up our conclusion in 10 minutes and reviewed for another 10 and then had 40 minutes of anxious waiting for our names to be called. Finally Doc came out, pointed to Killian and we all nervously entered the building and saw all of the teachers and dive staff staring at us from their chairs. My group sat down and began the presentation, at the end each of the staff asked us a question and thankfully we had confident answers. When the questions finally stopped we rushed back to our cabin, changed into swimsuits and enjoyed an hour of free time at the beach, we played ultimate frisbee and a modified form of whiffle ball. We had to go back on shore when Mr. Vaughn called us to give us the plan for the rest of the night. Dinner was great, we walked to a restaurant on top of the baths where they had a buffet. At dinner Bryce said a speech for all seniors and marine 2 guys and after dinner we watched a picture presentation Casey made before saying our goodbyes.