Blog Day 6


Jim Hayden – 

We started off our day by waking up at 7 A.M to go have breakfast at Jasmine’s cabin. Since today was our last breakfast all together Doc decided to bring us donuts. After breakfast we got picked up by Glen and he took us to our service project site. He took us to the beach next to the water treatment facility to clean the beach there. After two hours of cleaning the beach and picking up fishing net and trash we headed back to the marina to do some shopping and eat lunch. After lunch Glen took us back to Guava Berry to start doing our presentations for Doc and the staff there. After waiting for the 3 groups ahead of us it was finally our turn to present. The presentation went well and we answered all their questions. After presenting I had about forty-five minutes of free time. So I decided to go throw the frisbee on the beach and swim. After our free time we showered and starting to write our blogs. Then we went to dinner at the restaurant on top of the baths, and had an awesome Buffett line of food. After dinner Casey said how much she has enjoyed having us here and doing all of these activities with us. After she said her little speech, Bryce who is a senior said thank you to all the dive staff on behalf of all of the JCP Marine Bio students. After dinner we sadly said goodbye to our dive master Beth, she makes some awesome cupcakes. After that we walked back to the cabins to upload our blogs and pack for tomorrow morning.