BVI day 6


Our final day in the BVI started when we got up at 7:00 this morning. We had breakfast at 7:30 and loaded up to leave on the bus at 8:30 this morning. We headed over towards the other side of the island where the desalination plant was located. Today was the day we were doing our service project, and our job was to clean up the beach by the desalination plant. The beach had lots of trash on it. It was located at a point where the wind blows right towards it, so trash from other islands and from the sea often ends up there. We took out some trash bags and worked for about two hours. Afterwards, we went back to the marina and had lunch at a restaurant there. We were given the option to look for souvenirs in the dive shop there as well.

After that, we headed back up to guava berry to shower up and prepare for our presentations. We put the final touches on our PowerPoint, and then we waited outside for our turn to present to the teachers and all of the dive staff. My group admitted we were a bit anxious before the presentation, but when it came time to present it went well. We revealed that our findings were partially supported, but partially rejected because the amount of parrot fish that we saw peaked when there was about a 20-40% algae cover. After the presentation, we got to go play on the beach for a while. We played whiffle ball and ultimate frisbee for a while. Then we got cleaned up a bit and went to dinner. After eating dinner at restaurant up the road, we got to see a slideshow of the trip. It was fun to see ourselves diving and snorkeling. We took pictures with the staff and then walked back to our cabins.

Tomorrow we have our travel day back to Dallas. Although it’s been a great trip, I’m ready to get home. I think we are all very tired and ready to get back to the states.