Day 6


Day 6,

Today we ur where able to sleep in an extra 30 minutes because breakfast wasn’t until 7:30 at jasmine cabin the last of they’d cabins. At breakfast Doc bought us all Giant Donuts that we the size of plate. After breakfast, the group went to do community service with Casey and Jeff on the beach. The service was to pick up trash that was on the land, such as plastics and netting or rope and put it in trash bags to be taken to the dump. This project is to help the island water sanitation and clean the islands beaches coming in from the winds. Then we came back, showered and got ready to present our project to the instructors, Doc, and Mrs. Matthew’s. We explain our findings and how the reject the our hypothesis despite the other sources supporting it. Then later that night we walked up the road from where we’re staying to eat dinner. Where everyone was sharing stories picks and saying their goodbyes. Everyone hope our up to come home and see their families.