Edelmann Day 6


 Today was my last day in the BVI and it was pretty layed back. We had breakfast at Jasmine’s cabin today and breakfast was actually 15 minutes later today so I got a little bit more sleep then the previous days. Today at breakfast however Doc bought us these really big and tasty donuts. This morning we had our service project to help give back to the island we’ve been staying at the past week. For our service project we went down to the water plant and picked up the trash that had washed on shore. The water plant was on the wayward side of the island so that’s where most of the wind comes from so there was a lot of trash. It started out just as everyone picking up trash mindlessly but quickly turned into trying to find the biggest, heaviest piece of trash. The big stuff we found was a long piece of really really thick rope that easily weighed 200 lbs, a few tires, half of a small boats hull, pvc pipe, and a lawn chair. After we finished the service project we went to the marina and went into the dive shop to buy anything we wanted. I got a shirt that had a picture of the HMS Rhonne on it and said “Dive BVI” under it. After we finished our shopping we had lunch. I had a pulled pork rap this last time and it was really good. After lunch we showered and made our final preparations for our presentations. My group went third or fourth I think. It seamed like each group that went before us took forever and it seamed to go by very quickly once it was actually my groups turn to present. It was very laid back and was more of a conversation than a presentation which I liked a lot because it took away any nervousness I had about it. I’m really glad everyone on my team knew what they were doing unlike some other teams it seemed like so I’m confident we got a good grade. Finally we had an awesome dinner at top of the baths restaurant and we had an emotional goodbye with all of the dive staff. I intend to come back next year in Marine 2 because this was a great experience and I recommend it to any and all Jesuit students.