Marine Biology – Day 6 in BVI’s


Today was the final day for the Jesuit Marine Biology trip to the British Virgin Islands. Sadly though, there was no diving. 

Today’s events 

We woke us early this morning to breakfast at the Jasmine house. Doc surprised us with large donuts as big as a plate. Later after breakfast, we went to a dirt beach filled with debris and trash that has washed up ashore. This beach had an extreme amount of trash on it. That sand was not visible as the layer of trash was so thick. We helped to pick this trash up with large garbage bags. We worked for about two hours and packed the garbage bags onto Jeff’s truck, where he then disposed of them. Later our taxi picked us up and we went to eat close to the marina and shop at Dive BVI. Here I got a shirt, a regular hat, a bucket hat, a postcard, and a mug all for free because I was in the cabin that won the beach games, winning us fifty dollars in store credit at Dive BVI. Then the stressful part of this week finally approached: project presentations. Our group intended on going second, so we had time to prepare but also not be the ones who go first. Well time went by and groups presented. We became the last group to present unfortunately. When we presented, I felt that we did pretty good, not too bad. After the presentations we went to the beach for a while and then went walking to dinner. It was a good dinner.

What I look forward to

I look forward to finally going back to Dallas, and having a safe trip there.