Day 6


Our day started off with Jasmine serving us breakfast. Their cabin was all of the marine two guys and their cabin was much better than ours. I guess it is fair since this is their second year, but it was significant. Furthermore, Doc got us really big donuts for an addition to our breakfast. So today I had a bagel and a donut because they didn’t have milk for the cereal. After breakfast we went to a beach to help clean up trash. The beach was destroyed with trash and apparently it was the islands water supply building. We went on the ‘beach’ which was literally just rocks and trash. We were standing on a solid 2 inches of trash which was all up and down the beach in the cove. We spent a good 1 1/2 hours cleaning up the beach to the best of our ability. After cleaning the beach, we went back to our resort and spent an hour cleaning up our presentation. We were last to go of the groups so we had to wait outside while everyone else was playing on the beach. It was finally our time to present to the panel of dive instructors and teachers. We were all really nervous going in, but it went by really fast. Overall I think it was a really good presentation and under very good control by us. The teachers all said good job after so I think we did alright. After we went down to the beach after our presentation we went to a really nice dinner. We had seafood. After dinner we had to spend the time packing and trying to fit everything in our bags. 
Tomorrow I am looking forward to a shower and feeling clean for the first time. I am also looking forward to not constantly sweating in my sleep and throughout the day.