Day 5. July 15 


The day started with another breakfast that consisted of cereal, bagels and oranges in the Lime cabin. After breakfast we went straight to the boats to go diving at a famous shipwreck. The ship, R.M.S. Rhone, sank off salt the coast of salt island on October 29, 1867 because of a hurricane right off the coast of salt island. There were 23 survivors of the wreck. The entire crew besides the captain, Captain Willie, and one passenger survived the crash. The legend goes the crew saw a wave sweep Willie off the boat and they saw his hands dragging across the bow before he vanished. The boat had split in two, the bow and the stern. We dove the bow first, the depth maxed out at about 86 ft. We started the dive with seeing a seeing a monster lobster and a flounder before we made it to the wreck. Once we got to the wreck we traveled across the starboard side of the bow till we reached the swim through. Right before I entered the swim through I saw a big grouper. When I entered the swim through I saw a grouper hiding in the shadows preying on the small schooling fish. The whole inside was filled with schooling tiny silver fish. Later, we swam around the front of the boat and that’s when it become very clear to me how the ship used to look. On our second dive we dove the stern. On this dive we saw the portholes of all the old rooms. We rubbed the porthole of the room of the sole surviving passenger for good luck. I also got to see the Captain Willie’s silver spoon which had grown to be part of the coral structure. I also saw a big school of squirrel fish which I didn’t know existed until today. We did a swim through which ended up exited right at the ships propeller. On,y two blades of the propeller where visible and the third was dug into the sand. After out dives we went to eat at the Cooper Island resort. I had the Mahi Mahi burrito which was delicious. After lunch we snorkeled on the grassy area right next to the resort. Me, Garrett, Gerard, Barrett and Jim were all snorkeled together. We saw two turtles, multiple stingrays and Jim spotted an eel. We ended the day off with playing a game of ultimate frisbee and a night dive. On the night dive I was budded up with Marcelo. We saw a squad of squids, and two octopuses. The highlight of my day had to have been eating Beth’s cupcakes, they were awesome.