Day 5


Day 5: today started off with my cabin waking up with no time to spare to set out breakfast for the rest of the group. We all showered and successfully got breakfast ready on time before everyone showed up. After breakfast we headed out to the sea dragon and sea monkey to be taken on our last dives. I got all my gear set up and we all headed out to the rone for our scuba dive finale. Once we arrived, we got briefed on the history of the rone, the “unsinkable”. The rone was deemed unsinkable by the world and like the titanic the world was proven wrong. The rone was docked at a bay along with its sister ship and the captains noticed a drop in the barometer which measures air pressure. The captains decided to wait it out because they thought that it was just a typical storm, since hurricane season was going to close in just a few days. As the weather got worse the sister boat was able to leave and get to safety, while the rone’s anchor was stuck around a coral structure underwater. The rone then had to cut the chain and go out to sea, after judging the eye of the storm as a break in the hurricane. Soon after, 40 foot waves smashed the rone onto the Rock and proceeded to break the boat in half after an explosion in the boiler room. Only one of the passengers survived after he was freed from his bed and was able to swim ashore to salt island. All of the crew members were able to survive since they were on deck and could jump off and swim or held onto flotation until they were rescued. After learning about the wreck, we dove the bow and swam through the inside of the ship. Our group saw a giant barracuda while swimming through the wreck and soon after we went back up to the boat to get ready for the second dive. We swam up to the boat and switched out our tanks to get ready. Once we had a snack and were rejuvenated we got briefed for the routes we would take for the second dive and what we were going to see and do. The first thing that we did was go and check out the porthole and rubbed it 3x for good luck. The second thing we did was go and swim through the large 15 foot propellers and the stern of the ship. While passing through I noticed what seemed like hundreds of fish taking cover next to the sunken ship. After that we headed up and took a 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet and boarded back on the boat. Both boats then went to cooper island where I ate a delicious mahi wrap and went with some buds to get cooper island t shirts. Afterwards we snorkeled on the end of cooper island where there was plenty of sea grass that was home to sea turtles, tarpon, and barracuda. After following barracuda and searching for rays, everyone got back to their specific boats and headed back to guava berry for mass. We all got dressed and headed to the church one the top of a hill to have mass and pray for our time in the BVIs. After we did that we went night snorkeling and swam around our beach for around an hour or so. I saw glowing phytoplankton and an octopus while in the water. It was a great success.