Day 5


Day 5,
Today we woke up and ate at lime cabin, who beat us in the games. We ate the usual nutritional breakfast, but with a new addition of bagel and jellies. Then we go on the taxi, where Glen took us to the dock where we loaded up on the Sea Dragon the best boat, and headed to the Rhone marine park. The Rhone is a ship wreck from the 1860 that had been caught in the greatest and largest ever recorded hurricane that the BVI has ever seen. We where going to dive it twice once on the port side and one on he stern side. The first dive was the stern and the deepest dive of the week at 75+ feet. Then after that dive and a quick snack break we went to the port side of the boat where the mast and propeller where located. We were able to swim through this part of the boat. Then we went to the lucky port hole because out of 150-300 estimated passenger fatalities only one survived. The reason for so many causalities is because back then during storms people where strapped to their bed to cause less of an issue for the crew. However, it’s said that the one passenger because of the explosion of the boiler when it hit the water was able to escape through a port hole. Then we went to cooper island and ate some amazing food and looked at the gift shop and ice cream shop. After we left ca,e back took showed and went to mass in this chapel in the top of the hill. We took pictures and admired the view from the at the top of the hill. After we put our bathing suits back on and and went and had a BBQ at the beach which included burgers and hotdogs, and played ultimate frisbee. Then we put out snorkel gear in and went to in the water for night snorkeling. During night snorkeling I saw an octopus, two squid, and bioluminescence phytoplankton. We where using the powerful underwater flashlights and would dive down looking for things. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to doing community service and presenting my findings in front of the panel of teachers and instructors