Day 4 BVI 2016


Waking up this morning, I was filled with excitement over the fact that I was going to dive again today. I drank my morning cup of tea, ate breakfast at the Plum cabin, and rushed down to the taxi where Glenn, our driver, awaited. Our first dive took place at Bronco Billy. This dive site is called Bronco Billy because the rock nearby looks like a horse head. At this site we conducted an experiment in an area with no coral diversity. The area only contained staghorn. The next place we went to was the coral gardens, where we did a recreational dive. During this dive I saw two fish traps that were very poorly constructed. We then ate turkey sandwiches on the boat and went to the coral nursery. At the coral nursery we recorded data for the ARK program. We counted the number of points on each individual coral and the range of length in the coral. At the coral nursery I watched our dive instructor, Zoltan, spear a lionfish which was really cool! We then went back to the cabins to work on our project and then had spaghetti for dinner on the beach. Overall today was very productive and am amazed by how fast this trip has gone by. Tomorrow is our last day of diving which is very sad to think about.