Day 4 


Day 4,
Today was my cabins turn to serve breakfast so we woke up around 6:20 to set up breakfast for the whole group. We set up the cereal boxes to spell plum because that was our cabin. Then we went to Bronco Billy on the best boat Sea Dragon. At Bronco Billy I had a very hard time with my dive. First, towards the start of the dive I had trouble equalizing my ears, took me 5 minutes. Then I lost my slate which was a problem because I needed to write down my info for the dive. After losing my slate, we saw little fish for our project because of all the movement from us. We surfaces and I thought that was my last dive for they day. However I was able to make it to the next dive. We went to coral gardens looking for coral that was 0-50% bleach for our experiment. When we dove down the guys and our instructor and I looked for stag horn for around 20 minutes, but we finally found a patch and used it. We finished our dive and then went to eat lunch with Sea Monkey, where me and Becca made a PB&J cookie sandwich. After we finished eating, we went to the coral nursery that Jesuit help out nurture to be able to replant and help those badly bleached coral reefs. I was unfortunately not able to dive because of my ears again so I snorkeled above. I watched our captain Zoltan use a harpoon kill two lion fish with a harpoon, I have never seen anything like it before it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see. Then I swam around and watched the scuba divers and their activities. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to diving on the Rone ship wreck which sits 80ft deep me I hope I will be able to participate. 

  • Corey Marr

    I hope your ears cooperate for your next few dives. Hang in there.