Day 4


          This morning started off with an exceptional breakfast from the plum house, the second place finishers in the beach games. They were pretty salty from the day before and tried to make our house be last in line for food. It got overruled and we got our normal breakfast portions of cereal and a muffin. After the ‘filling’ breakfast we head out to the yacht club for our second day of project dives. Our first dive we went out to Bronco Billy. It is named this because apparently one of the stones on the corner looks like a bronco and no one knows where the name Billy came from. During the first dive we set up our 4 corners and got to timing. During the middle of the 10 minutes Josh dropped his slate, the clipboard with the waterproof paper, and it floated to the top. He went up to look for it because it floats and I had to stay and continue the test. He never found it and I had to collect all the data, which wasn’t that big of a deal it just wasted some time. After an alright first dive we changed locations to Coral Gardens. We spent a lot of the dive looking for a location to set up and we finally settled for an alright location because we were already through half our tank. Midway through the project a huge Sting Ray passed through, probably 5 feet across. After alright project dives we met up with the other boat for lunch on the ocean. After three sandwiches and some chips we went for another dive at the coral nurseries. We were helping ARC count coral on the nurseries. They set up a tall pvc pipe with 5 other pipes perpendicular to the tall one with 10 strings on each with different pieces of coral hanging from each. We were counting the tips on each piece of coral and seeing how long the longest and shortest pieces of coral were. We also saw a huge lobster hiding in a crack in the rocks. We also got to see Zolton (a huge dive instructor form Hungary) shoot 2 lion fishes with his harpoon gun. It was really cool to see such a big guy sneak up and shoot one and then stab the fish. After we came up from the epic dive, we got back in the boat and headed towards the yacht club. We had 2 hours in between the dives and dinner to work on our projects and we spent it in the wifi room. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and it was incredible, like all the other dinners. We finished the day off with more blog time and a pizza in our cabin. 
           Tomorrow I am looking forward to our 80 foot dive in The Rone. Apparently this is also a shipwreck that we get to dive in. This got all of us really excited. I am also excited to present our presentation to the teachers on Sunday and show them all of our work.