BVI 2016: Day 4


Today we started out eating breakfast in the mango cabin. After breakfast we headed to the marina to start our second project dive. Before my group had tested one trial that was deemed irrelevant and claiming too many variables. So we decided to repeat the trial but keeping within controlled variables, matching to the other two. After we finished our test we swam around with our dive instructor Dan. He’s from South Africa. The dive site we dive in was called “Bronco Billy.” It’s called that because the front of the island looks like a horses head and the current sways you back and forth, making you feel like your on a horse. Afterwards we headed to a different location. That dive was a fun dive where my group and I swam around. After that we had lunch on the boat and I learned from Becca, our diving instructor, on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using peanut butter cookies, pretty good. I learned about Casey’s coral nursery program. After Casey explained her nursery and how it is built, she told us what we were to do to help out. We dove down into the nursery site and recorded data pertaining to the growth and progress of the coral. After finished gathering data we had a run dive where we saw a crab, a sea turtle, and a lettuce slug. After that we worked more on our projects and had dinner. Over all great day.