Day Three


This morning our Cabin was tasked with serving the group breakfast off our balcony. If I say so myself we did great. After breakfast we attended an interesting presentation on sea turtles by Dr. Gore. She then came with us to the yacht harbor where the best group (Sea Monkey) went to go tag turtles. Tagging the turtles was very difficult, Tripp and I almost had one but when I dove down to grab it, I missed. We tried multiple times to grab other turtles but could never grab one. Killian on dive boat managed to grab a sea turtle. Sadly once on the boat we found out the turtle had already been tagged the week before. As we took the measurements, Ben, our boat captain spotted another turtle, and like a flock of geese we all jumped in the water to catch it. Sadly we did not catch the turtle. To help aid in the catching of the turtles, Mike and I climbed aboard the boat to help spot the turtles rather than aimlessly swim around. After finalizing all the turtle measurements and setting it free we headed to lunch at the harbor. After an amazing lunch, Glen, our taxi driver drove us to Savannah Bay. In Savannah Bay we learned about invertebrates. We learned about Sea learns that are single cell organisms that form a small bubble. We also learned about fire worms that are able to chum the water around them with poisonous spine. Once back at the resort I was able to take a nice power nap in my hammock, before we battled for the beach. During the battle for the beach our group sadly lost, but did get to get food for dinner first.