Day 4


Day 4: today started off rough with me taking 15 minutes to get out of bed but I eventually woke up at 6:50 & had to rush with the rest of my house to get to mango house to eat breakfast. After breakfast my house went back to our cabin to get our snorkels and fins to get ready for the two last project dives today. We went down to the cattle guard as usual to wait for Glenn to come & pick us up and take us down to the marina. As soon as we arrived at the marina we unloaded our fins and hooked up our BCDs to our tanks and left for the dive sites. The first dive site we went to was bronco Billie, named after the strong current that carries you through a ravine type structure with coral walls towering on either side. Zoltan led us through the dangerous passage while on the lookout for the infamous lion fish. Our squad found a good spot to conduct our testing and we wrote down our findings and headed back to the boat. When we got back to the boat we unloaded and switched our tanks for the next ride. We arrived at a dive site known as coral gardens and went down to a spot that had plenty of coral and parrot fish. We collected our data for 10 minutes and saw an excess of 30 parrot fish and traversed back up to the sea dragon. After hanging out and meeting up with the sea monkey we ate lunch and got briefed on the coral restoration data collection. After arriving at the coral nursery, we dove to the bottom and wrote down all the data on the waterproof paper. Afterwards we gave our data to Casey and headed back to the marina. Once there, we unloaded the tanks and hung up our BCDs for the next trip out tomorrow. Tomorrow, I look forward to the shipwreck, the “rone”, and the other dive we are doing.