Blog Day 4


Jim Hayden – 

          We started off the day by waking up at 6:25 to set up breakfast outside our cabin. After breakfast, Doc told us what we were going to do today. We headed out to the front of guava berry to be picked up by Glen. Glen dropped us off at the yacht harbor and we got on Sea Monkey and Sea Dragon to head to the dive locations. On dive number one we spotted a group of Black Sea Urchins and decided to set up our markers there. After leaving for ten minutes and coming back, we saw about a four foot black tip reef shark swimming in our area. It was checking us out and swam next to us for a little and then swam off. After going through our procedure, we headed back to the boat.on our way back to the boat Logan spotted about a one to two foot nurse shark under a rock and some coral. After seeing the shark we surfaced and got onto the boat. We organized our data and got ready to go down for dive number 2. After switching our tanks we were ready to get in the water. On the second dive we immediately saw an area with tons of Black Sea Urchins. There were around twelve urchins in our area. Also we spotted an eel that our dive master Beth had never seen before. After getting back to the boat Captain Ben drove us to meet the other boat for lunch. After lunch Casey briefed us on our next dive which was to clean and count the amount of staghorn coral. Me and Logan partnered up and got into the water. The coral nurseries where made of PVC pipes, rope, and a buoy. After cleaning and counting the staghorn coral, Ben took us back to the boat. After getting all of our gear cleaned and put up, we headed back to the yacht club to dock the boats. Then Glen picked us up and took us back to guava Berry so that we could work on our projects and write our blogs. For dinner Casey will provide us with spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and then we will head back to guava berry to rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow I am looking forward to the wreck dive (The Rone) and the night snorkel.