Day 5


Today sadly was our final day diving. We did 2 great wreck dives. The first dive was at wreak alley. Wreak alley is a group of 4 ships, purposely sunk to create artificial reefs. Artificial reefs are beneficial in that they rebuild the marine ecosystems where they had previously been destroyed. These reefs are not beneficial in that they are very had to sink and they might leak toxic chemicals into the water or have other adverse reactions. This was a very beautiful beautiful dive with many large snapper and rays. This was also the deepest dive of the week at 75 feet. After this dive we drove over to the RMS Rhone. The Rhone was an actual shipwreck and was sunk by on of the largest hurricanes to hit the BVI. The current was too strong to be able to go to the bow section of the wreck so we just dove the stern section of the boat. This was by far the coolest dive of the week. I saw a massive lobster, tons of large dog snapper, huge bait balls, a gigantic horse eye jack, a seahorse, a large flounder, and a large porcupine fish. We got to do 2 great swimthroughs and saw lots of large fish. Then we went to cooper island and has lunch. After lunch we snorkeled around cooper islands and I saw lots of large barracudas and a few rays. This was my favorite snorkel of the week. Today was a great day with some awesome dives.