Day 4


“Wake up it is ‪5:45‬”, the call I woke up to until I rolled over and fell asleep for another 30 min. Today was the day we were in charge of breakfast for all of the groups and cabin by cabin everyone started to show up. We rapped up breakfast with time to spare and then made our way down to the cattle guard to wait for Glen. Sea Monkey, my boat, was the first to go out to catch sea turtles today and we headed of to Little Dis Bay with Ben as our captain. This portion of the day was by far the most exciting by far and the intensity of all the snorkeled said grew. We would jump of the boat and chase down sea turtles in which could easily swim faster than us. At first it was hard because we were to anxious and loud but as we had more experience we were able to let the turtles feel comfortable around us and we were able to sneak up behind and in front of them. Kilian was the first of the day to catch a turtle we surrounded and he was the only one from our group. We corralled the turtle by encircling it and having people charge at it one by one. Most of them were very smart because they had been tagged before but we still managed to catch one tagged turtle. I chased down a turtle at the end with Jim and nick into about 40 feet of water from the 10 foot shallows near the beach and then lost it. We eventually headed back in for lunch at a restaurant on the water and I had a shrimp rap that tasted fresh which hit the spot. The next half of the day until 4 was studying invertebrates and snorkeling shallow reefs on Savannah Beach. We learned about sea pearls which are single cellular organisms that are filled with fresh water and look like water balloons the size of a big marble. Another creature we looked at was a starfish which this specific one would regrow its arms and the broken off arm would also regenerate into an entirely new starfish. By far the coolest and most dangerous was the fire worm which apparently feels like fire and shoots microscopic needles into the water with great stinging power if annoyed. We then released everything and snorkeled on the beak to find a ton of interesting organisms like a two foot puffer fish and two squid. By far though the best organisms were the crabs because their little holes in the sand under water were made by them blowing up sand and if you pushed sand into their hole you could see them blow it back out and it looked like an underwater volcano. After we finished we headed back to the Guava private beach to play beach games which lime cabin just barley won. These games consisted of relays up and down the sandy beach and water balloon dodge ball. These games were cabin verse cabin and integrated scuba gear. After lime cabins victory we tossed around the frisbee and ate delicious lasagna on the beach which was followed by a quick and sandy game of ultimate frisbee and cool showers. Now it’s on to collecting more date for our project and eventually diving for sharks. I honestly just can’t wait ‪until tomorrow‬ to get back in the water.