BVI Day 4


Day 4,
Today started bright and early at 6:20am to the annoying sound of a chicken outside of my cabin’s room. After gearing up and waking up, everyone convened at Mango House to eat breakfast. I myself ate an orange and some grapes, a small breakfast but very satisfying. After breakfast, everyone went down to the media room to listen to a presentation by Dr. Shannon Gore, who is a sea turtle researcher and lead our trip to tag the turtles today. She taught us about the local populations of turtles, how tagging works, and the methods of conserving the turtles. The Sea Dragon boat started the morning studying invertebrates though, while the Sea Monkey went to tag turtles. Myself and the rest of the guys not tagging went to Savannah Bay and snorkel end along the shallow reefs off the coast. The reefs were abundant with sea urchins and small fish, and it was cool to swim along these reefs and look at the environment. After snorkeling for a while, we came back to shore and looked at some invertebrates that Casey McNutt had caught. These invertebrates included: various sea urchins, some sea stars, Lettuce Sea Slugs, Sea Pearls, and my favorite the Fire Worm, which inflicts a painful rash to whoever touches it. We then went back to the yacht harbor and ate at the restaurant there. I engulfed a shredded pork wrap with fries, it was very delicious and satisfied my hunger. After lunch, we finally got to go tag turtles. We took the Sea Monkey (not as good as the Sea Dragon) to Little Dix Bay and then proceeded to look for sea turtles to catch. We snorkel red and dove off the boat but the turtles were to fast and every time anyone of us got close they sped away. After a solid two hour battle chasing one turtles back and forth, Daniel Starling (a dive instructor from South Africa), with the help of other students, was able to coral the turtle and grab it. The turtle was abusing anyone who held it and it was not happy that we caught it. The turtle had already been tagged in 2004, but it was very neat to see it that close and plus I got some cool photos. After examining the turtle, we let it go and then traveled back to the yacht harbor. We then proceeded back to the cabins, thanks to Glenn (the super cool taxi driver). After resting for a bit, everyone went to the beach to compete in the Cabin Games. Plum dominated and finished second after the preliminary rounds, close to being ahead of Lime. We then entered the championship round, which was an obstacle course that tested our mental and physical capabilities. Plum took an early lead on the relay and were looking as if they had the win sealed, but after a series of unfortunate rulings, Lime got ahead and held the lead to the end. Like house received a free hat and a fifty dollar gift card to the Dive BVI shop. I was very sad we lost but it was fun and I glad that Plum preformed so well. Dinner was Lasagna and it was very yummy, now I am sitting here writing this blog. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and getting back underwater to continue our projects. Overall it was a feat day and I’m looking forward to the end of the week. I’ll check back in tomorrow. 
-Jake Hubbell