Another Day in Paradise


July 13-14     We started the day off by waking up at 6:00 am. Doc had told us yesterday that breakfast would be at the Hibiscus Cabin so that is where we headed. I had some delicious sausage and eggs and some cereal grapes and peach yogurt. After that , I carried the table over to our cabin. Because tomorrow, it is our turn to host breakfast. Then we headed over to the Sea Monkey for our first dive. We descended down in Cooper Island were we did 1 test for our Elk horn and Damselfish project. Our group leader named Ben put markers down to mark a ten foot square so that we could count the number of Damselfish around that area. I counted 21. When we were on our way back to the boat I saw three amazing things that I got on camera. First was an 8 foot nurse shark laying down and trying to get something from the sand. Next, Ben showed us a purple crab hiding under a rock. And finally I got up and close within a foot of a barracuda preying on small fish. Next, to continue our project, we snorkeled to shallow waters because that is usually where you can find Elk horn. We did three more tests with the markers counting a certain amount of Damselfish around that ten foot square. After we finished all our project data, we went on a fun dive and just observed fish and other cool animals. The barracuda was still with us when we were ascending. Once we went back up, Sea Dragon boat attached to us and we had some sandwiches and chips to eat. 

      Once we were done eating, we headed to Salt Island were we saw some old houses and learned that they used to mine salt out of this lake. The last person to die in Salt island died in 2007. Also back when there weren’t any refrigerators, salt was used as a preservative for food. We climbed a big hill to find an amazing view. After we climbed all the way to the top, we realized that nobody had brought a camera. So we all headed back down. We went back to the boat where we were stopped by Ben. We all had to do ten pushups because some people left their tanks open. Finally, we came back to Guavaberry to work a little bit on our projects and organize our data.