Day 2 


Day 2,
We woke up early like the day before and went to eat at the hibiscus cabin. Hibiscus is the teachers cabin and they start off the week cooking breakfast for everyone. Each morning the cooking duty is changed from cabin to cabin. Then we left for our two dives for the day on the best boat sea dragon. We went to the ginger island dive spots. The first dive spot that we went to was called ginger hole. On this dive we were going to be performing our experiment. My partners were Marcelo, Barrett, and Danial, and were studying the about reason of coral bleaching and the number of fish and see to if the correlated. So we made a 10 by 10 square of elk horn coral depending on the bleaching % and would observe it for 10 minutes. To set up these trunk sections we use a 10ft long string and placed 4 lion fish lines which were just corks attack by string to weights. Then were would make it into square and tally fish. Then we surfaced and I again got a bloody nose again. we then went to the other side of the island and dove on the ginger’s back site which was named that because it look like a women’s but. Then we set up the experiment there and did the same routine. After we fished diving the instructors took us to the salt pools. The salt pools where an exporting island where ships came to grab salt for the meats they were shipping to reach the final destination. The pools were used by the shippers to let there slaves take baths and clean for journeys as well. While people were hiking I crossed the salt pool which was ankle deep water and your able to walk on. It was hard because some spots were soft and if you fell through and tried to get your foot out you would scrape up your ankle on the salt. 
What I’m looking forward to tomorrow is the turtle tagging and the invertebrate study. I’m hoping to catch a Tuttle to continue the tradition of a gene pool member catching one. Then we’re going to help the instructors collect invertebrate for the tank.