Day one 


Day One, 
 My day started early when we woke up at 6:20 to make it to breakfast, with all the correct materials we needed for the day. We waited for our driver Glen to take us to the Marina where we would eat as a group. They had a really good breakfast consisting of amazing eggs and bacon. Then after we finished eating Casey the part owner and our guide for the trip introduce us to our dive masters. The instructors were split into two different groups by boat Sea Dragon(My boat), and Sea Monkey. The instructors on my boat where Zoltan, Danial, and Becca who was my dive master. Then we loaded our boats up and head to our first dive of the day at bronco site off of George Dog Island. On this dive we saw many cool fish such as blue tang, Sargent major, parrot fish. We also look at many cool types of coral like feather duster coral, and elk horn. Then as we finished our safety stop and resurface I discovered that I was bleeding out my nose. After everyone got out of the water we then left to the chimney dive spot located off of the Great Dog Island. We geared up and went on the last dive for the day, but I was having a hard time with my sinus. When we were diving we saw many new and interesting fishing and coral. Becca showed us this cool trick on this specific type of coral called feather duster, where if you balled up your hand and flicked it at the coral, it then would close its limbs. When then left the Dog Islands and went to the marina, and then went to the beach where we ate lunch and where suppose to snorkel to the baths. Unfortunately, I had a hard time coping with pain from my sinus that I was notable to participate in seeing the baths with the group.