Marine Biology – Day 1 in BVI’s


Today, the first day in the British Virgin Islands for our group, was one filled with fun experiences and adventure. Not to mention that we learned a thorough amount of information along the way.

Today’s Events

To start off the day, we immediately entered the boats after a great breakfast and introduction to the Dive BVI crew. Their names are Casey, Becca, Zoltan, Daniel, Ben, and Beth. The first dive was a refresher, a very much needed one for me as its been around a year since my last dive. Later when the tank from the first dive was down to its last amounts of PSI, we took up another tank and entered the water again. The first dive was at Bronco Billy at George Dog island and the second dive was at The Great Chimney at the Great Dog island. Later after lunch, the group ventured on a long journey of snorkeling and visited The Baths, a naturally formed geological rock formation. Finally we free rock climbed and commenced the long snorkeling back.

What I Learned Today

Throughout today’s experiences, I learned a vast amount of information regarding the islands. Throughout both dives and including the snorkeling we saw many marine animals including blue tang, fairy basslet, The various types of parrot fish, sergeant majors, shrimp, angelfish, sea bass and even some more exquisite animals such as cuttlefish, a nurse shark, feather duster coral, and a flounder. The Dog Islands are are called this because early pioneers heard the barking of the Caribbean Monk Seals and thought that they were dogs. A fun fact we learned about our second dive site, The Great Chimney, was that Jacques Cousteau, a renowned marine biologist, dove here while on break from his studies and enjoyed its diversity and natural formation. The Great Chimney is called this because of its natural formation, it resembles that of a trench and is very long. At The Baths, we learned that the early pioneers used these formations as shelter while visiting the islands.

Things I look forward to

Throughout the rest of the week I look forward to learning more about the islands and the history and fish of them as well as the certain dive sites that are in the BVI’s. In addition, I look forward to an exciting and fun time filled with adventure.