Blog Day 1


Jim Hayden 

 We started off the day by being picked up our driver Glen and he took us to breakfast at the yacht club. After breakfast we loaded all of our stuff onto the Sea Monkey ship and we departed to our first dive location. On dive number one we started off with a quick refresher of the various skills we need to scuba dive and made sure everyone was ready to dive. Then we started the dive and saw various marine life such as squid, sergeant majors, blue tang, the 4 eye butterfly fish, various sponges, elk horn coral, brain coral, fire tongue coral, grey angel fish, and a trumpet fish. On dive number two we went to “the world famous chimney” in the dog islands. It was called the chimney because near the shore line there were about two thirty-foot walls of coral that made a chimney like structure. On dive number two we saw many of the same fish species, but on this dive my group saw a big group of about 3-4 parrot fish. After the dive we got back to Sea Monkey ship captained by Ben, who is one of the dive masters here. We went back to the dock and glen took us to the houses to grab anything we needed before heading to the beach for lunch. Casey provided us with sandwiches for lunch along with chips and cookies. After we ate we swam in the ocean and played frisbee with Doc. After our free time, we began our snorkel to The Baths which were located about a mile away from the beach we were at. While on the snorkel there I saw a barracuda, and the various species that we have already seen on the previous dives. When we arrived to the baths, two of the instructors Beth, and Becca gave us an introduction before entering. The Baths are a collection of bug boulders and caves formed by Gases and water. Back in colonial times the slave traders used The Baths as a place where the slaves can wash off before being sold in America. Therefore it got the name The Baths. After that we snorkeled back to the beach and got all our stuff together, then headed to the houses to get changed and head down to write our blogs. Then we are going to eat dinner and talk with our dive master Beth about our project. Then we head back to the houses to go to bed and rest for tomorrow.