BVI 2016: Day 1


Today was we met our diving instructors and set off in the boats to start our day. We ate breakfast at the restaurant next to the harbor. After Casey gave us a briefing on what we would be doing today. We got out on the boats and set off. We headed to these islands that are known as the dog islands. The reason they are named that because when Europeans came seeking to claim land for queen and country, the heard what sounded like barking. It was wild dogs they named the island and moved on. Years later pirates would sail through out the island and heard the barking. They thought the “wild dogs” we’re guarding some treasure. But when the Pirates landed on the island they found that they were actually Mediterranean monk seals. Unfortunately the seals were a great meat source and were hunted. They were officially declared extinct in 2002. We dove near the coral reef off these islands and reviewed or safety and procedures for diving. We then explored the coral reed and also headed over to what’s called the chimney. A coral reef with great topography that has a narrow passage under water. Soon after they we headed to our cabins to get ready for snorkeling. We headed to the beach and eat lunch on the beach. Soon after lunch we snorkeled all the way to what is known as the baths. This area has cool smooth rocks that were formed after many years due to gases, water erosion, wind, and volcanic granite forming into round boulders. These boulders form many rock shelters and caves. This place is where slaves before heading to be sold would be bathed, that why they call it the baths. I also learned that after slavery had ended in the 1860s the businesses on the island went out of business and the colonials left. This left for the former slaves to take ownership of the islands. There are currently 5 families that claim ownership. Throughout the day we saw many species including a squid, crabs, and a barracuda. I’m excited to proceed with my project and discover more great things about the BVI.